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Testimonials / Student Feedback

I would like to thank my valued students for letting me post their testimonials/feedback.

"Great GERMAN tutor."

Jackson, Miami, FL

Karin is very promptly at wherever you choose to meet her and is always sure to be respectful of your time. She has an accent that is enjoyable to listen to as one is learning German from her and this helps to immerse oneself. Lessons are fast-paced but thorough for the topics covered. She is very polite and has an outstanding level of professionalism.

"Great tutor!"

JAN, Miami, FL

Karin is an excellent German tutor, very professional, I have no complaints at all, she is very kind with my son!

"outstanding German Tutor!"

Anelyn, Homestead, FL

Karin is an ideal German tutor. She is very patient, kind, friendly, and innovative. When it comes to learning, she makes sure that the student feels comfortable. I recommend her as a tutor!

"Karin understands my needs!"

Norman, Miami, FL

Karin is flexible in her tutoring and has adapted the classes to try and accomplish my specific needs in learning some German in a very short space of time.

"Great German teacher! Responsive, flexible, makes learning easy!"

Whitney, Miami Beach, FL

Karin was so easy to work with and made learning German fun and easy! I felt I had great results very quickly. I'm certain I will continue my German Lessons with Karin and I'm sure I will enjoy learning with her!

"Excellent Tutor"

Dena, Miami, FL

I have tried several times in the past to learn the German Language and felt very frustrated with myself. Karin has given me the confidence and tools to not only learn the language but too also have fun while learning. I absolutely love her and have decided to go from 3 hours a week to 5 & 6. The best investment I could have ever made. Thank you, Karin.

"Great tutor."

Capucine, California

Karin is a great German teacher that really tries to do her best for her students.

"Excellent German tutor."

Katarina, Miami, FL

Karin is amazing. I only had one class so far, but my experience is nothing but the best. First, when I decided to go with her as a German tutor, she responded to my e-mails right away, even though she was in Switzerland at the time. Then, she helped me figure out if it's the best to do online classes. And, before every class she send me material that we'll be doing at class, so I can get ready.
So grateful that I found such great German tutor. Looking forward to the next class.

"excellent German tutor - experienced and professional."

Catherine, SC

Karin is wonderful! She is patient and thorough. She customizes the German Lessons based on your needs and skill set. Thank you!

"Great tutor."

Ana Daniela, Miami, FL

Karin is a great German teacher! She is very patient and detailed. I am excited to continue to learn German with her.

"wonderful tutor, exactly what i needed."

Janaki, CA

Karin is wonderful German teacher to learn with - she preps you well before class with all the learning materials and very engaging during the sessions. I highly recommend Karin!

"Excellent tutor."

Bill, Flora, MS

Very responsive and patient. A goldmine.

"outstanding German tutor."

Marvin, NY on

Karin is an outstanding German teacher. Every single lesson is custom tailored to my needs. She can easily adapt to my needs. I higly recommend her.

"excellent german language teacher."

Jeffrey, CO

Karin has an oustandig high level of professionalism in preparing the German lesson as well as teaching and answering my questions.

"What a great German tutor, absolutely worth the money."

Lisa, Wapkoneta, OH

Karin is a very good German tutor, she was always on time, she came prepared. Karin makes the classes fun and enjoyable. which is the best way to learn a new language quickly. I truly recommend Karin for her knowledge, experience in teaching, patience and for her quick response to my questions.

"Best tutor I've ever had."

Leslie, Raleigh, NC

Karin is an excellent German tutor and most patient person. She is intelligent, warm and engaging and demonstrates both a diverse knowledge and passion for the language. As a beginning student of German, I appreciate her tailoring my lessons to fit my personality and very inquisitive nature. I am privileged to be working with her. Thank you Karin!

"amazing German tutor!"

Janet, Encinitas, CA

She is the most understanding, most patient German tutor I have ever had. Karin has worked with me to understand the material, and even when I struggle she makes me feel calm and confident that I can do it. I recommend her to anyone that needs an amazing tutor!

"Excellent German tutor - very experienced and professional!"

Judith, Stanford, CA on

Karin is an excellent German tutor. She is easy to communicate with and always prompt for our German Lessons . Karin is patient and very knowledgeable and help to build my confidence with a new language. She is highly recommended and I feel fortunate to have found her.

"extraordinary, great German teacher!"

Peter, West Palm Beach, FL

Karin is very knowledgeable both regarding the German language itself and the best means of teaching language. She is my goldmine.

"patient, great tutor!"

Janet, Encinitas, CA

If you need a German tutor in any way Karin should be your 1st choice! She is an excellent, patient teacher. I highly recommend her!

"Karin is a very experienced, and knowledgeable German tutor!"

Jeff, Summerville, SC

Karin brings years of experience to the table. It shows through her teaching style, she assesses the students' pronunciation, sentence structure, and basic verb conjugations to get an understanding of where they are. She has taught German for many years.

"greatest tutor i've ever met!"

Sandra, Chestnut Hill, MA

Karin is very accommodating and patient. When it comes to the subject, she is prepared and very experienced to explain it very understandable. I recommend her to anyone.

"excellent German tutor!"

Ronald, Austin, TX

Karin is an excellent German tutor and is very passionate about it. She focuses on pronunciation which is very important. More importantly, she is great at motivating you to study on you own.

"Excellent, very friendly German tutor!"

Leonardo, Davenport, IA

Karin is an excellent and very friendly German tutor. She has a lot of patience dealing with children and has very innovative approaches to teaching German. We were very pleased with the progress my child was able to make thanks to Karin. We highly recommend her!